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There are very few opportunities on our reservation for kids to learn and play organized baseball.  Thunder baseball was created to teach children how to play and give them opportunities to play lots of baseball throughout the summer. 


We currently have two T-Ball teams (ages 5-8) and seven baseball teams (ages 8-12) in our Thunder Little League.  During summer, the teams compete against each other each week in well organized, highly competitive games.  Each season ends with a tournament and award ceremony. 

The Lightning Stick Society Lacrosse team has grown into an excellent program, teaching our local young people to play the creator's game.  In 2017, our young men won the South Dakota varsity lacrosse championship.  We have had players recently earn lacrosse scholarships, even full rides, do DI and DII universities.  This is thanks to the dedicated work of our our coaches and other volunteers. 


"It is told that the first game of lacrosse was played between the animals and the birds. This game was won by the winged ones and from thenceforth it has been called the “creator’s game”. The game was gifted to the two-legged from creator for enjoyment and as a medicine game for the healing of the people. Due to its Indigenous origins, this ever becoming popular sport seems to run in the blood of Native people," says Faith Spotted Eagle.

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