Beth Elk Looks Back - Site Director, Rosebud Site

Beth has been with the Boys & Girls Club since 2013. She worked for the school system for 10 years before taking on the position of Site Director at the Rosebud site. In this position her daily activities includes doing almost everything except cooking! Beth really likes that it doesn't seem like you are working when at the club because it's such a fun, safe place for kids to come to everyday. When not at work, she likes to spend time with family and friends. 

Robert Shot With Two Arrows - Program Coordinator, Parmelee Site

Robby is the Program Coordinator for the Rosebud and Parmelee sites.  He grew up in Parmelee and was previously employed at St. Francis Indian school as a Para Educator for 9 years.  He began his employment at the Boys and Girls Club as Youth Development Professional for the summer program. He enjoyed working at the club and decided to apply for the full time position of Program Coordinator. Robert says he is grateful for the opportunity to work with the youth of the Rosebud Reservation.  He is somewhat camera shy.

Lyric Delgarito - Program Coordinator, Rosebud Site

 Lyric has been a part of our team since the summer of 2013. After graduating from high school, she attended a few semesters of classes at Sinte Gleska University while working at the Club as a Youth Development Professional. Lyric also worked at Todd County Elementary as a Paraprofessional in the Special Education department, gaining more experience in a field she is passionate about before transferring to Black Hills State University in the Fall of 2017. We welcomed her back as our Program Coordinator for the Rosebud Site in 2019.  Lyric is now finishing the last few classes of her education degree online.  In her free time she is usually found studying or spending time with her two year old niece.

Ivette Shupla - Site Director, Mission Site

Ivette is a member of the Hopi Tribe who moved to South Dakota from her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona with her little family. She has one daughter for whom she has decided to build a career that will support and follow the growth of her child. She worked as a Head Start teacher where she earned a Child Development Associates Certificate. After obtaining a job with the Boys and Girls Club as the bus driver for the summer of 2016 she continued working as a Head Start teacher during the day and Youth Development Professional / driver during the evenings, eventually transitioning into a full time position as the Program Coordinator with the Boys and Girls Club.  In September of 2018 Ivette was promoted to Site Director of our Mission site.  She is excited about developing the potential within herself, the kids and the organization.

Will Guerue - Program Coordinator, Mission Site

Will is a U.S. Marine. He was with Alpha Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division. He is a Gulf War Veteran.  He came back home after his Marine journey to teach the youth about getting off the Rez, learn new things, and bring back that knowledge and teach the next generation of youth.

After a few years of different jobs, "Who really needs a 105 mm Gun Loader?", he finally took on a teacher aid position for the TCSD.

He attended many Professional Development classes and took on many roles while working for the TCSD.  He took over teaching positions, two different times during the school years.  He coached elementary wrestling for thirteen years and he coached elementary cheerleading for two seasons.

He found himself working part time here at B&GC of Rosebud this past summer.  He was offered a full time Program Coordinator position here and he couldn't say no.  He thinks his strengths from eighteen years with the TCSD would really help out The Club.

Lisa McKnight - Nutrition Coordinator, Mission Site

Lisa is the Nutrition Coordinator at the Mission site. She started working for the Club in 2013 and says the thing she enjoys most is working with the kids and making sure they get fed. Lisa sometimes serves over 150 meals a day, so she is basically a superhero.  In 2014 her kitchen won a Summer Food Program award for program excellence.  In her spare time she likes playing outside with her daughter, fishing, doing puzzles, and learning how to bead!

Rose Elk Looks Back - Site Director, Parmelee Site

Rose joined our team in June 2018, founding our Parmelee Site.  Rose jumped at the idea of starting a Club in her community, as she saw a unique chance for youth to get involved in a Club with all the activities it has to offer.  A lifelong resident of Parmelee, SD, Rose knows there isn’t much for youth in the outlying communities of the Rosebud Reservation.    Working with kids in an education field is what Rose has done since her first job at the RST Headstart/Billy Mills Center. She has well over 20 years experience working with children inside and outside the classroom and loves what she does.  Rose loves that the Club gives her the opportunity to work with not only the youth of her community but also the two nearby communities of He Dog and Upper Cut Meat. She is passionate about the mission of the Boys & Girls Club and hopes to build the Parmelee Club for many years to come.

Glen Marshall - Executive Director

Glen stepped into the executive role in July 2014.  Prior to that, he served as the director of our Mission Unit.  A native of Minnesota, Glen previously served in the United States Army.  Glen holds a B.A. in Economics from MN State University Moorhead.  He once taught Social Studies at Todd County High School, but left this position in the summer of 2013 to join our Club staff.  Glen enjoys his dog, attempting carpentry projects, and kayaking the Little White River.

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