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​​The Boys and Girls Club of Rosebud provides supplemental academic services, year round. We are committed to helping our youth on their road to high school graduation and beyond. To encourage learning outside of the classroom, we provide enriching programming in: math, reading, science, and computer literacy.


Our programs align with the Formula for Impact in the area of Academic Success. 


​​We are in our third year of the STEM Mentoring program at our Club. STEM Mentoring is a weekly program that provides hands-on activities and group projects for mentors and mentees in a variety of STEM topics, with a focus on conservation. Our teens have taken on the role of peer mentors in the program and have been doing an excellent job helping our younger members through the lessons each week.  


In 2019 we started a new intuitive reading program called Let's Go Learn! Let's Go Learn has had success around the country in meeting kids where they are at and boosting their reading levels. At all three sites, Let's Go Learn is helping ALL our kids achieve positive growth. 


​​The T.R.A.I.L. Diabetes Prevention Program encourages youth to develop a deep understanding of what it means to live healthy lifestyles. The program is the Boys and Girls Club's response to rising rates of Type II Diabetes among American Indian Youth. TRAIL programming allows club members to explore the importance of eating healthy and living an active life. Also woven into the program are self esteem and community building initiatives. 


In the summer of 2018 our Rosebud Club site started participating in Marathon Kids, a program created with the goal to get kids moving, and put them on the path to living healthier lives. Participants in Marathon Kids work towards completing a full marathon (26.2 miles) by running or walking one mile at a time. The program was so successful in Rosebud last year that we expanded it to all three sites in the summer of 2019! Around 30 marathons were completed during summer Club programming.


In the summer of 2018 we began our weekly partnership with the REDCO (Rosebud Economic Development Corporation) Food Sovereignty program promoting healthy foods and lifestyles with our Club members. During the first summer REDCO employees visited each site and cooked through Sean Sherman's cookbook, The Sioux Chef. Now, Club members cook and sample a healthy recipe each week.


Every child who walks through our doors receives a hot and nutritious meal. Our award winning food program feeds between over 150 Club members each day between our three sites.


At the Boys and Girls Club we believe that art is an expression of the imagination and personal voice and cultivates lifelong creative and critical thinking skills. Our youth take part in art classes every week, and are proud of what they can create with their ideas and their own two hands! The club also holds special art classes such as ceramics, mural painting, photography, as well as traditional Lakota art projects.


​​The Boys and Girls Club provides enriching outdoor programming which encourages members to be physically active and knowledgable about the natural world. Club members have the opportunity to paddle around the community rivers, dams and lakes by kayak.


​Cub Scouts is led by Cubmaster, Kieran Conroy, and serves youth ages 7-11. The program is focused on building character, training for good citizenship, and developing personal fitness. Cub Scouts helps to build future leaders by combining educational activities, lifelong values, and fun.


​Youth grow into truly empowered people once they see they can make a positive impact in their community. At the Boys and Girls Club, we give club members a space to explore this idea. Community services shows youth that they and their peers have the ability to improve their world. This fosters a strong sense of hope in our club members. 


​We believe that the club’s most valuable resources are our Youth Development Professionals. The Boys & Girls Club of Rosebud is committed to providing our club members with mentors and role models who live out our priority outcomes of Academic Success, Good Character and Citizenship and Healthy Lifestyles. By surrounding our club members with positive role models and providing time and space for mentoring activities, we help our youth to develop into empowered citizens. 


​Thank you to The Coca Cola Company for your support of Triple Play, helping us improve the mind, body and soul of our Club members. We’re helping kids and teens learn healthy habits, physical fitness and social recreation through this amazing program!

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